Helping VC firms maximise value in their portfolio companies

The Salamander solution

Our purpose is to help VC firms maximise value in their portfolio companies, leading to better investment outcomes

What we do:

  • Provide support in evaluating potential target companies prior to potential investment
  • Strategic guidance and support to portfolio companies to help them achieve growth and success
  • Offer expertise and resource for coaching and mentoring founders in areas such as operations, finance and growth strategy
  • Improving processes to help portfolio companies gain productivity and achieve milestones
  • Improve communications and alignment between VC firms and portfolio company management teams

Our services

Portfolio company support:
– Operations
– Strategic and financial planning
– Talent acquisition and management

Performance monitoring and reporting:
– Regular monitoring of portfolio company performance
– Preparation of investor reports and presentations (QBR, Board meetings etc)
– Performance analysis and recommendations for improvement

Market intelligence, introductions and global network

Preparing pitch decks and
investor presentations

Founder mentoring and support

Our pricing

Our team is flexible and open to exploring different pricing options that meet the needs of each technology startup and VC firm, regardless of the stage they are in. We can discuss pros and cons of each option, and recommend the best fit based on the startup’s goals and resources, along with the VC firm’s investment strategy.

Seed round

During the seed round, startups typically have limited resources and may prefer a cash-based pricing model with flexible payment options available.

Other seed round startups may wish to conserve cash, and an equity-based model is more attractive, or a hybrid between cash and equity models.

Series A & B

Series A round: During the series A round, startups are often focused on scaling and growth. Equity based pricing models may be more suitable in this stage, allowing us to align our interests with those of the startup, and provide long-term support.

Series B round: Here, startups may have a more established product or service market position, and are focused on optimization and growth.

A combination of equity-based and cash-based pricing models may be the most appropriate, offering the startup the flexibility to choose the best fit for their needs and resources, A carried interest option may also be considered at this stage.