Empowering technology startup companies

The Salamander solution

Our solution for technology startups is a comprehensive and customized advisory service that addresses the unique needs and challenges of each client.

We offer expert advice on:

  • Business strategy development and execution
  • Market analysis
  • Product development
  • Sales & international growth

Our team of experienced advisors works closely with startups to establish key milestones, develop actionable plans, implement best practices and drive measurable results.

With our support, technology startups can maximise their potential, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Our services

Business strategy development:
Implementation and execution support

Sales plans; international expansion; entering new markets; channel sales; direct sales; vertical sales;
sales incentive plans

Mentorship and coaching:
For founders and executive teams

Financial expertise:
To set up income statements, balance sheets, budgets, monthly and board reports, rolling cash flow forecasts and multi-year plans

Fund raising:
Preparation for fund-raising, financial statements, narrative, pitch decks and investor presentations

Customised solutions:
Unique to each client’s needs

Product development:
Product management optimisation

Networking and partnerships: 
In numerous countries

Recruitment support and talent management:
Including interim executives

Our pricing

Our team is flexible and open to exploring different pricing options that meet the needs of each technology startup.
We can discuss pros and cons of each option, and recommend the best fit based on our clients’ goals and resources.

Hybrid of Equity & Cash-based:

In this model, in addition to the cash payment, we take a small stake in the startup in exchange for our advisory services. This allows us to align our interests with those of the client, and provide long-term support. This also allows start-ups to conserve their cash.


In this model the client pays a fee for our advisory services, either project-based or outcome-based. This option is good for clients that prefer to retain full control of their equity, or are unable to offer equity due to legal or regulatory constraints.