Glen Van Zutphen

Senior Associate

Glenn van Zutphen (He/Him) is a career international journalist, radio host, keynote speaker, and podcaster on communication. He is the Founder and CEO of VanMedia Group Pte Ltd, a worldwide media consultancy, and the host of the “Saturday Mornings” national radio show every week on Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3.
As a professional speaker and trainer.

Glenn has engaged with thousands of high-performing business leaders, journalists, and government officials around the world to help them become confident, credible, and clear in their communication.

During his journalism career, Glenn worked in television, radio, print, and online news media based in the US, Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore for CNN International, CNBC Asia, NNK Japan, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, and others. He co-authored the marketing book “Happy Customers Everywhere” (2016), “The American Journey in Singapore” (2017), chapters in seven editions of the “Living in Singapore Reference Guide” (2008-2023), and countless other published articles.

Glenn’s family have been Singapore Permanent Residents since 2004